You make a difference

Every day the way you show up in the world matters

This is the commitment...and as with everything wild, make it your own

I commit to myself to explore what truly nourishes me

to get to know and honor my true essence

to create it, share it, live it

to wildly and deliciously celebrate myself

Create your wild life

Relish it

Share your wildness however you want

Speak your truth and love big so very very big


When you show up in your beautiful, delicious, powerful truth you create a nourishing, loving, vitality filled life for yourself

When you share your desires, your knowing and your dreams with friends, family, busmates, workmates you infuse                                the world with new possibilities 

                             When you follow your north star, your bliss, your joy, your pleasure you are free to create your life and                                                  receive the magic and love that is here for you

When you share your wild heart, your love and live from this place you create more kindness, gentleness, compassion                             in your life and in the world.

and as you do all of this, you inspire others, which is no small thing 





photo credit: Lori Berkowitz