There is such profound value and need for us to circle together as women and more importantly as sisters. To create an affirming sacred space where we can show up, share, be witnessed, be unconditionally loved.

Be it a book club, a writing group, fly fishing, dancing, learning about mother nature, mothering, singing, crafting, travel

You name it: when we come together in love, in support of ourselves and one another, there is nothing like it. And from my experience, when we gather in community with the intention to create more love...anything and I mean anything is possible.


Circle up and have your way with the world. 

Circles. More fun. More powerful. More joy.

We are meant to gather, to share, to be in our true essence and to feel alive and nourished. 


what do you truly desire to experience and feel while here on this wild planet with infinite possibilities for living?

if it's not here

create it

there is a reason you are hearing the call, the yearning for it and create

If your circle is there a way it could be even

more affirming, more loving, more nourishing?

create it

there is a reason you are desiring it and speak your desires

And make it even better with your own wildness, your own magical heart.

here is a quick list of circles I brainstormed in 5 minutes


•  women writing your memoirs •  moms of middle schoolers to read Rachel Simmons book and talk about girl bullying, emotions, supporting one another and your daughters  •  learn and give thai massage  •  motorcycle riding  •  make jam •  pickling  •  a lemonade stand for yourself or for a neighbor with breast cancer who wants alternative treatment  •  knitting scarves, blankets for people in shelters, refugee camps, the hospital  •  studying herbs and cooking with them  •  once a month vegan cake baking  •   a year long circle to make a children's book  •  writing a play and performing it together  •   learn about a place and travel there   •  learn a language  •  make an app  •  making candle's from goats milk  •  creating a community garden  •  learning about saving the whale, the trees, the climate, the neighbourhood and taking action  •  learning the ukulele   •  going through a divorce circle  •  singing all of frank sinatra songs  • reading children's books  •  vegetarian brunches  •  walking circles  •  hiking  •  biking  •  horseback riding  •  flying the trapeze  •  learning to be a clown  •  hula hooping  •  painting wildlife in nature  •  studying astronomy  •  celebrating the full moons  •  learning tarot  •  writing your memoirs  •  cooking with green foods  •  simplifying your life and cleaning out each other's homes as part of it  •  making costumes for yourself, for kids who need halloween costumes, for plays  •  quilting  •  visual journaling  •  heart healing  •  dance parties, each month going somewhere to learn/do a different dance  •  movie nights  •  making food from different parts of the world  •  to sing  •  to read and watch and talk about Outlander  •  hosting salons with guest speakers about sensuality, whatever you want to learn about and share with a circle  •  going to museums  •  nap circles  •  circle up with parents who have kids the same age and get really real with one another, what is working, what do you desire to change, with your home, the schools, the world? and then do it  •  women who love to wear red  • 

                                                                                               more to come...