how BEing wild love Together changes everything  

imagine your world, your everyday life from morning until the next, filled with gentleness, kindness, tenderness

from yourself and others

in your head and in the grocery store

in your relationships and in everything you do

it can still be the tango, zip lining, traveling the world, making an app, writing a resume

imagine it infused with love. With a sense that no matter are loved. You are held, You are safe,

You will be at the end of the zipline with a kind heart and a smile. You will tango and stumble and never say 'I'm sorry' because you are meant to stumble and so your energy goes into feeling the rhythm, feeling your partners hold, you are in your body. You make an app that helps create more love in the world. You write a resume so full of self love and excitement and truth in your own way, rather than the stale format because you trust yourself, because this is how you write. Maybe your resume is only photos. You do it your way because there is no right way. There is kindness, there is tenderness. And so you take more 'risks' but really all you are doing is being. 

And imagine that: a world where we get to sink into our being, into softness. Right now. Breathe that in. How does that feel to you? To feel your hips soften and relax, perhaps you didn't even notice they were tight? You start feeling your breathe go into your belly, down, down , down, slowly down. You make decisions from this place, your create your life from this place. No freneticism, no multi-tasking.  You feel your shoulders lower, your neck wants to move a bit, gently.  You hear the beat of your heart. Your wild heart that wants to be free to love, to touch, to say what it truly wants to say, to share dreams and eye gazes, to see beautiful vistas and connect deeply with others, to know it can be wild and be loved.

Our brains get to relax, our bodies get to relax,

We get to relax.  


We live a life of Wild Love.