using love and joy to reclaim our wild

Today I was lucky enough to watch an incredible interview with Tarana Burke, the founder of the #metoo movement. She talked so eloquently about so many things. One of her points is that this is the time of healing as a movement. That all of this is coming up so we can be healed and that to do that we need copious amounts of joy and love. For when we do that deep dive in the dark we also need joy and love to bring us back to the surface and to more than we were before. I love that. I love that this is a time of healing as a movement, as a moment. and that we must include everyone in this movement, men too. 

I was humbled to be in that room at the world muse conference in Bend, Oregon and now humbled again to be in a room of a woman I met tonight. When I walked out the door I was startled to see so much snow and thought again about driving back to Seattle. I checked Kayak for hotel deals and they were pretty pricey in Bend. I ran into Laura on my way back into the event and told her what was happening and she offered me her guest room. Which is where I type this from. Cuddled up after meeting her lovely husband, talking about travels to Ireland and Scotland and sipping some sleepy time tea. And even the drive here was scary I can't imagine if I had tried to drive the Mt Hood pass. So my bag of love and joy gets bigger as I continue to deal with brain challenges that are getting so intense and scary at times. So far from me being me. I want to soak up these moments and remind myself of how I know I can be in the world. Of the magic the world has for me. Of how I have done so much healing so I can be a person who can share my path and hopefully support others along the way.

I want to come back to me and play my part in this healing movement. 

so here's to #metoo and #notokay and #reclaimyouwild and #lovecapersand the others thousands upon thousands of hashtags that are helping with this moment to heal, to break the silence, to share, to weep, to dance, to sob, to rage, to sing, to play. Here's to this moment. more please